Send Your Ideas!


The Old Village School is the perfect home for whatever adventure you're ready to start. The building has been home to yoga groups, African drumming ensembles, rehearsal studios and more. Have you ever wondered what you could do at a location such as this? Send your ideas to Lisa, who wants to connect with the community and discover the hidden talents that lie in wait. 


Business HQ

The main studio upstairs is 40'x40' with 18' ceilings. It's a bright, airy space with its original maple floors and Vermont slate chalkboards lining all the walls. It can hold whatever you want to put in it.

Studio space

The Old Village School has endless opportunities for not only business, but enjoyment as well! Consider an artistic studio space, a creative workshop or a meeting group location. 

And More!

Three units – the main studio, the science room, and the upstairs apartment – have connecting doors. The only limits are your imagination. Send over your creative ideas for this beautiful building!